Meet Sherry, Hair Designer for TV & Film, HBO "GIRLS."

With more than twenty years of experience, New York-based Sherry Heart has worked as a hair stylist to some of the top performers in music, film and television.

Sherry launched her film career in 1989 working as a stylist for the Prince film Graffiti Bridge and thereafter touring as a key hairstylist for Prince’s NPG band. Since then, she has worked as hairstylist to many of the top stars of Hollywood and New York in television, film, music and photo-shoots. Among the leading ladies Sherry has worked with are Lena DunhamAllison WilliamsJennifer BealsJulianne Moore and Elizabeth Berkley. Her male stars have included David DuchovneyMatt DillonCampbell ScottDennis LearyTed DansonMartin Short and Jim Belushi, among many others.

In addition to her expertise in hair styling, Sherry Heart is sought after nationwide for her advanced skills in hair extensions. She is an expert in the Pinch Braiding method of hair extensions and studied with its developer, Sonia Peterson. She is also well versed in wig and hairpiece creations after many years of character development for film and television. Sherry Heart works closely with directors, actors, producers and writers in developing and achieving the “look” of a project.

Sherry Heart’s work as hair department head and personal stylist can be seen in such works as HBO’s Girls, NBC’s Deception, Showtime’s, The L WordChoppedFactotum and Trust the Man, among many more.

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Twitter: @SherryHeart


Q&A With Sherry

What is the Best Thing About your Job?

"The best thing about my day job would have to be the character development: Being able to develop a story with a character through hair can show a lot. The funniest and best part of doing hair and what I do, is being able to do comedy hair. Being able to do something quirky to the top of somebody’s head to make people laugh, that’s my favorite."

What are you most proud of?

"I’m really proud of the show 'Girls' and the hair we’ve done on there. I really love the fact that we were at the front of the braid movement that goes on TV. I kind of like to believe that we inspired others to do that. I really like what I’ve been able to do to the character Jessa because she is very Bohemian. I’ve been able to really play with her hair."

First scunci product ever used?

"The first Scunci product I ever used, it was in the eighties and it was a scrunchie. I think you had to in the eighties."

Your favorite scünci® product and why?

The thing that I have used so much of in the last couple of years is the knotted ponytail holder. I love that because you can just throw somebody’s hair up and it doesn’t tear the hair, and it you can whip it out; I use them quite often."

What are five must-have hair items you can’t live without?

"The five must-have hair items are a blow dryer, paddle brush, round brush, ponytail holder, and bobby pins. You can do a lot with that, really. You don’t even really need a comb, you can back comb with your fingers if you wanted to, but as long as you have that ponytail holder and bobby pin, you're set."